DELL 1052

  • Part Number: 1052
  • Category: Studio Stands & Mounts
  • Manufacturer: MYT Works, Inc
  • Quantity: 1
The Large line of MYT 3-in-1 systems is the most heavy-duty group. Though the Glide and Rover are still manageably light (the 4 ft. Large Glide weighs 17 lbs., for example), their load capacity is enormous: each is capable of supporting up to 150 lbs. of gear. The 9" rail span on the Large provides extra stability for complex rigs, and the 6" diameter wheels on the Large Rover are suitable for bigger camera setups. The 16mm diameter double rails on the Large are more rigid than those on the Small and Medium; this system is even stronger than its brothers. All of the plates on the Large Glide and Rover are anodized to a blue-black color. The system is based around a one-latch release technology, and will allow operators to get the most out of any situation with an incredibly versatile dolly system.


Package Contents: Camera Slider Rover Dolly 2 x Bullseye Level 1107 M/L Hi-Hat Assembly, Mitchell Mount 1152
Compatibility: HI-Hat Medium/Large (5.25")

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