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*Part listings are limited to 10K parts for first 12 months of membership.
All posted inventory must adhere to BrokerBin's listing policies.

Membership Add-Ons

Shield of Quality

Shield of Quality is available for all members who meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain an 85% or higher rating on the Member Feedback System after receiving more than 20 positive and negative comments combined
  • Maintain a full company profile, active web site and email address
  • Offer a 30-day money back guarantee or replacement
  • Provide full written disclosure on all trading terms, including shipping, returns, guarantees, purchase orders, sales orders and bank/trade information
  • Provide a reasonable, documented restocking fee of 20% or less for product returned in same condition received
  • Establish a 12-month proven membership history
  • Maintain a BrokerBin account in good standing

Failure to meet any of the aforementioned requirements will result in the loss of your shield. Billing and payment will continue during the penalty period. Consequences for failing to meet a shield requirement are:

  • First offense, loss of shield for one month
  • Second offense, loss of shield for three months
  • Third offense, loss of shield for six months
  • Fourth offense, loss of shield permanently


Part History

Part History allows a member to view the historical data of a specific part number over a 90 day period.

A rolling 90 day snapshot of price, quantity and searches for a specific part can be accessed when Part History is activated.

Click History Icon to get historical data on that part number over the last 90 days.