HP 138230-B25

  • Part Number: 138230-B25
  • Category: Optical Drives
  • Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
  • Quantity: 72
The capacity of the DVD (digital versatile disc) media is the highest of the optical storage products. With 4.7-GBs-per-disc (equivalent to 7 CD-ROMs or over 3,000 floppy diskettes) software uploads, future commercial multimedia titles (i.e., Training) and large databases will increasingly employ this technology. The MultiBay 8X DVD-ROM Drive with RAM read lets users enjoy the huge stock of software and entertainment titles currently distributed on CD-ROM. At the same time, it positions them to benefit from the next wave of high-quality reference works, multimedia educational materials, cinema, and other such information now being released on the vastly superior DVD-ROM storage platform. The Compaq 8X DVD-ROM Drive with RAM Read also features the added capability of reading DVD-RAM media.

Compaq goes to great lengths to provide its customers with the highest performing, most integrated, thoroughly tested computing solutions. This quality combination not only simplifies the purchase and service process by providing one-step shopping, but also increases customer satisfaction and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

The Compaq 8X DVD-ROM Drive with RAM Read is capable of transfering data from DVDs at speeds of up to 10.820 Kbps (single layer) or 8 times the standard transfer rate. The drive also reads CD-ROM data at speeds of up to 24X . The MultiBay 8X DVD-ROM Drive with RAM Read takes full advantage of DVD enhanced features while preserving compatibility with mature and widely used storage technologies such as CD-ROM, CD-DA, and CD-R/RW.

Technical Information

Maximum CD Read Speed: 40x
Maximum DVD Read Speed: 8x
Optical Media Supported: DVD-ROM


Drive Interface: IDE

Physical Characteristics

Form Factor: MultiBay


Package Contents: DVD DriveSoftwareDocumentation


Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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