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  • Part Number: 40Y6797
  • Category: Batteries
  • Manufacturer: Lenovo Group Limited
  • Quantity: 2
<p>Stay unplugged longer with ThinkPad batteries. Provide up to one-third more capacity than the standard system battery. This high capacity battery has an extended area on the back edge and fits in the standard ThinkPad system battery slot. Its compatible design allows it to be in the system when the system is connected to the ThinkPad Advanced Dock, Advanced Mini-Dock, and Essential Port Replicator. Battery life (and recharge times) varies based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences.</p>

Battery Information

Battery Rechargeable: Yes
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Capacity: 7200 mAh
Output Voltage: 10.8 V DC
Maximum Battery Run Time: 6 Hour
Maximum Battery Recharge Time: 4.30 Hour


Compatibility: Lenovo ThinkPad Notebooks:T60 1951T60 1952T60 1953T60 1954T60 2007T60 2008T60 2613T60 2623T60 6369T60 6370T60 6371T60 6372T60 8741T60 8742T60 8743T61p 6457T61p 6458T61p 6459T61p 6460T61p 6461T61p 6462T61p 6463T61p 6470T61p 8889T61p 8890T61p 8891T61p 8892T61p 8939T60p 1951T60p 1952T60p 1953T60p 1954T60p 2007T60p 2008T60p 2613T60p 2623T60p 6369T60p 6370T60p 6371T60p 6372T60p 8741T60p 8742T60p 8743R60 9455R60 9456R60 9457R60 9458R60 9459R60 9460R60 9461R60 9462R60 9463R60 9464R60e 0656R60e 0657R60e 0658R60e 0659T61 8889T61 8890T61 8891T61 8892T61 8893T61 8894T61 8895T61 8896T61 8897T61 8898T61 8899T61 8900T61 8938T61 8939T61 6457T61 6458T61 6459T61 6460T61 6461T61 6462T61 6463T61 6464T61 6465T61 6466T61 6467T61 6468T61 6470T61 6471R61 7642R61 7643R61 7677R61 7645R61 7646R61 7647R61 7648R61 8914R61 8918R61 8919R61 8920R61 8927R61 8928R61 8929R61 8930R61 8932R61 8933R61 8934R61 8935R61 8936R61 8937R61 8942R61 8943R61 8944R61 8945R61 8947R61 8948R61 8949R61i (15W) 7642R61i (15W) 7643R61i (15W) 7677R61i (15W) 7645R61i (15W) 7646R61i (15W) 7647R61i (15W) 7648R61i (15W) 7649R61i (15W) 7650R61i (15W) 7657R61i (15W) 8914R61i (15W) 8918R61i (15W) 8919R61i (15W) 8920R61i (15W) 8927R61i (15W) 8928R61i (15W) 8929R61i (15W) 8930R61i (15W) 8932R61i (15W) 8933R61i (15W) 8934R61i (15W) 8935R61i (15W) 8936R61i (15W) 8937R61i (15W) 8942R61i (15W) 8943R61i (15W) 8944R61i (15W) 8945R61i (15W) 8947R61i (15W) 8948R61i (15W) 8949R61e 7649R61e 7650R61e 7657Z60m 2529Z60m 2530Z60m 2531Z60m 2532Z61m 9450Z61m 9451Z61m 9452Z61m 9453Z61m 0674Z61p 9450Z61p 9452Z61e 0672Z61e 0673


Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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