HP 81759

  • Part Number: 81759
  • Category: ID Cards
  • Manufacturer: HID Global Corporation
  • Quantity: 1

UltraCards are among the highest quality cards available today. Each has a glossy PVC laminate on topand bottom and is optically inspected to give you a clean, scratch-free card for maximum print quality and extended printhead life. UltraCard PVC cards provide moderate durability and has adhesive backing.

Product Information

Media Size: 3.37" Width x 2.13" Length

Physical Characteristics

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Additional Information: One box of UltraCards contains 5 plastic-wrapped packages of 100 cards (500 total).Surface Finish: GlossyPrint Technology: Dye SublimationMedia Thickness: 10milMedia Standard: CR-80
Compatibility: Compatible with Fargo Persona C10 and Persona C15 card printers

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